​IronJ's Gym & Nutrition  Emporium


"Failure to Prepare is Preparation for Failure"

​​Accountability and Transparency  for Staff AND Client!!

  • Set up your Personal InBody Account On First Consultation
  • Stop by Every Few Weeks for Follow-Up Evaluation
  • Tweak and Discuss your Training/Supplements/Diet Progress as Necessary With Our Staff To Ensure Your Continually On Track.

The Right Science, The Right Advice, The Right Results. Where Technology, Experience, and Dedication Unite. ITS WHAT WE DO!!

Look, no two bodies are alike. No two Clients have the EXACT same goals. So why do they so often get the same cookie cutter programs and sales pitch/advice? In our experience it comes down to one of a few things.

  1.  The staff just does NOT have the experience, skill, or tools to assess and determine the proper course of action for the clients intended goals
  2.  The staff is driven by sales and profit (commission) over the actual desire to build a lasting relationship with their customers.
  3.  The staff does not eat, sleep, breathe, and LIVE by the passion for which they are trying to sell to you.

Here at Iron J's Gym & Nutrition Emporium, we believe that not only can we provide the BEST price and selection for all your fitness needs, we can do it at a level of attention and service that the others simply are not equipped, nor choose to match. ALL of our  staff and owners are comprised of some the MOST knowledgeable, certified, degreed, and COMPETITION experienced individuals around. 

That means that we LISTEN to you and your goals, and then use the myriad of tools/experience  at our disposal to get you on the path to where you want to be! 

All of that begins with an assessment on our in house InBody 270.  A state-of-the-art body composition analyzer. Developed using the latest body science technology, InBody evaluates the body’s health by looking at the balance of water, proteins, minerals, and body fat. Together, this data helps us develop a supplement or training program that is uniquely suited to your body and fitness goals. VIEW A SAMPLE REPORT>>>>

Sure, others may offer similar services, but not like we do. Each analysis is reviewed and thoroughly discussed and explained in detail by one of our InBody certified staff members. Since we have one of the LARGEST selections around, we have the luxury (and obligation) to really think hard and pick the absolute best options for you and your budget. Our staff does NOT work on commission!! We believe in 100% transparency and accountability when working with a client. One sale means nothing to us. We strive to establish a relationship of trust and MOST importantly continual RESULTS! 

You have a LOT of choices out there, and at the end of the day its up to you where and with who you invest your time, money , and trust.