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For Month Of JULY 2020

Please note : Items inRED are available all through MAY, items in BLUE are limited availibility 


The Arnold Steak Bowl - (Cal 390 F 14g/C 38g/P 28g) - Steak, green peppers and mushrooms over brown rice with mozzarella cheese and Clean Eatz buffalo sauce

Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese - (Cal 454 F 14g/C 35g/P 47g) - Buffalo chicken served with a side of whole wheat mac & cheese

Caprese Chicken -
(Cal 410 F 10g/C 43g/P 37g) - Chicken and veggies in pesto over whole wheat spaghetti with provolone cheese

Chipotle Chicken Bowl - (Cal 330 F 14g/C 28g/P 41g) - Chipotle chicken over brown rice with refried beans and cheese

Cheesy Beef - (Cal 361 F 15/C 34g/P 23g) - Ground beef in cheese sauce over whole wheat pasta

Chicken & Waffle Fry Nachos - (Cal 561 F 21g/C 65g/P 28g) - Chicken chunks on sweet potato waffle fries with bacon, green onions, honey and nacho sauce

Chicken Kabob Bowl - (Cal 301 F 5g/C 31g/P 33g) - Chicken, zucchini, squash, and mushrooms with baby potatoes in bbq sauce

Creamy Chicken & Wild Rice  - (Cal 361 F 9g/C 38g/P 32g) - Creamy chicken over a wild rice blend with asparagus spears

Cowboy Shepherd’s Pie -
(Cal 347 F 11g/C 35g/P 27g) - Shredded beef over mashed potatoes with corn, onion straws, cheese and bbq sauce

Pork Fried Rice - (Cal 468 F 20g/C 36g/P 36g) - Pork fried rice with edamame, carrots, and pineapple

Salisbury Meatballs - (Cal 400 F 24g/C 24g/P 22g) - Grass Fed beef meatballs in a creamy sauce over mashed potatoes and green beans

Steakhouse Bowl - (Cal 391 F 23/C 24g/P 22g) - Beef in A1 sauce with crispy onion straws, a sprinkle of swiss cheese and side of potatoes


Keto Beef - (Cal 316 F 20g/C 9g/P 25g) - Shredded beef with cheesy cauliflower rice and green beans

Keto Black & Blue Prime Rib - (Cal 504 F 36g/C 10g/P 32g) - Sliced beef with brussel sprouts and mushrooms and a sprinkle of bleu cheese

Keto Burger -
(Cal 457 F 37g/C 5g/P 26g) - Beef burger topped with a fried egg and provolone cheese with grilled artichokes

Keto Cashew Chicken -
(Cal 419 F 23g/C 13g/P 40g) - Chicken and cashews in a sweet and savory ginger sauce over mixed veggies

Keto Clean Mac - (Cal 353 F 25g/C 10g/P 22g) - Ground beef with tomatoes, pickles and cheese in Thousand Island dressing over green beans

Keto Garlic Parmesan Chicken -
(Cal 358 F 26g/C 5g/P 32g) - Chicken in a garlic, parmesan sauce served with asparagus spears

Keto Chicken Enchilada - (Cal 324 F 12g/C 10g/P 44g) - Chicken, cheese and salsa over cauliflower rice

Keto Prime Rib - (Cal 434 F 34g/C 8g/P 24g) - Prime rib with horseradish sauce and creamed spinach


Chicken Fajita Omelette - (Cal 322 F 13g/C 21g/P 29g) - Chicken, peppers and onions omelette with hashbrowns and cheese

Steak & Eggs (Cal 270 F 6g/C 21g/P 32g) Scrambled eggs with shredded beef and hash browns

Steak & Cheese Omelette - (Cal 315 F 11g/C 22g/P 32g) - Egg white omelette with shredded steak, red potatoes, salsa and cheese

Chicken and the Egg - (Cal 331 F 11g/C 38g/P 20g) - Scrambled eggs, popcorn chicken and diced potatoes with a sprinkle of cheese


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