what do we got you ask?

simply put, we are a GYM....a training facility. we don't have pools, saunas, or daycare.

our equipment includes some of the following

Cardio - Precor Treadmills, EllipticalS, and Bikes

Selectorized- Full Line of ICARIAN selecorized based equip (15 pieces) and cable cross station

Hammer Strength- Full Line of Hammer equip (11 pieces)

Ivanko Weights - several racks of IVANKO dumbells up to 125lbs currently

IRON Grip Weights - Trees upon Trees of TOP END USA cast TRUE GRIP weights -10,000 LBS ACTUALLY!!

ICARIAN Barbell Stations - including Decline Bench, Flat Bench,. Incline Bench, Military Press

Talon- full squat and deadlift cage/rack as well as 1/2 rack for other movements

we also have all the other necessary tools to train such as  super heavy duty leg press, hack squats, calve press and Much  more.

if you have specific questions or needs, just let us know!! our goal is to provide what is necessary for the serious lifter and athlete

, and we are open to all suggestions! just shoot a message on the contact us page